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WordPress.com Hosting Explained – Reasons why you don't want to use them to host WordPress websites

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WordPress.com Hosting Explained – Reasons why you don’t want to use them to host WordPress websites
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Many people confuse WordPress with WordPress.com and, unfortunately, host their website at WordPress.com.

That is a complete disaster because the version of WordPress that is used on WordPress.com is very restrictive. You are limited on the themes and plugins that you are allowed to use.

Thankfully in this video I explain the difference.

Table of Contents:

00:15 Difference between WordPress.com & WordPress.org
01:07 Big Drawback of Hosting your website on WordPress.com
02:23 WordPress MU
03:08 The High Cost of WordPress.com Hosting
03:32 WordPress.com Hosting Plans
05:05 InMotion Hosting
05:46 InMotion Plans and Prices
06:21 Benefits of Having InMotion Hosting over others
07:18 The Hosting you should stay away from and the reason you want to avoid them
09:40 What to do after you get InMotion Hosting

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