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What Is WordPress?

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In this video I tell you in 6 minutes what WordPress is. Thanks to WordPress we don’t have to know any scripting language in order to create a website. WordPress makes it easy for us to make a website. I will talk about webhosting, because you need that in order to create a website that is public on the internet. After that I talk about the 3 core elements of WordPress: Themes, Pagebuilders and Plugins. Those 3 combined within WordPress gives you the power to create millions of different websites. Think about Webshops, Forums, Social Media Websites, Portfolio websites, Restricted Member Areas. The sky is the limit!

I will talk about the goal of themes. With themes you can adjust the style of your website. Especially in the menu, the footer and the Blogpages and posts. Creating the content within the website is done with a page builder. A page builder helps you to make the website you have in mind by dragging and dropping. The best 2 page builders are Elementor and Divi.


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