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Make Your WordPress Site Within 30 Minutes In 2018

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Website: https://makeyourwpsite.com

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to have your own beautiful site. In this Step-By-Step Guide I will show you how to have your own beautiful website up and running today!

Every step in this video is also written out with screenshots in the Free Guide on my website: https://makeyourwpsite.com/make-your-site/

If you have ANY questions, just leave a comment and I will make sure to help you as much as I can!

Some Useful links:
► How To Choose And Register Your Domain: https://makeyourwpsite.com/domain/
► How To Choose And Register The Best Hosting Company: https://makeyourwpsite.com/hosting/
► How To Configure WordPress: https://makeyourwpsite.com/setting-up-wordpress/
► How To Secure Your Site And Get The ‘Green Lock’: https://makeyourwpsite.com/really-simple-ssl/

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