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Make A WordPress Website Using Elementor Pro 2019

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Learn how to create an advanced website using WordPress and Elementor Pro. In this video I will walk you through all the amazing features that Elementor Pro has to offer! Elementor is a free page builder with a lot of functionalities. Elementor Pro is the premium version of Elementor with even more great features.

In the first few minutes of the video I tell you what we will cover so you can see if this video is a fit for you. Feel free to like this video, comment and subscribe for more upcoming video’s.

Here is an overview of the timestamps:

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:15 Overview of the Tutorial
00:01:58 For who is the tutorial?
00:02:26 4 Goals

Let’s get started
00:02:39 Get a domain and webhosting
00:06:05 Install WordPress
00:08:41 An overview of the WordPress backend
00:09:43 Clean up the WordPress backend
00:10:20 Optimize your urls/permalinks
00:11:16 Change your display name
00:12:15 Remove the blogpost

Create The Website
00:12:54 Add pages to your website
00:14:50 Create a menu
00:17:31 Introduction to WordPress themes
00:18:29 Get Elementor and Elementor Pro
00:21:09 Get the oceanwp theme
00:22:48 Change the homepage to a static page
00:23:26 Customize the OceanWP them
00:23:40 Download the images I use in the tutorial
00:26:01 Add SSL (https://) to your website

Elementor Pro
00:27:32 Get rid of the blank screen in Elementor
00:28:11 Import a Pro template
00:29:45 Create a Header Template
00:30:56 An overview of the Elementor Page Builder
00:31:03 Add an Image Element
00:32:23 Configure the Menu Element
00:34:24 Change the Primary Colors of Elementor
00:35:46 Optimize Your Website For All Devices
00:37:26 Publish Your Template Using Conditional Logic
00:38:15 Make Your Header Sticky
00:39:06 Add a Topbar In Your Header

Configure the Elementor Settings
00:42:09 Change the width of the website
00:43:38 Change the tablet break point
00:45:06 Turn on/off the Image Lightbox
00:45:33 Configure the Global Settings
00:46:51 Enable Beta Versions of Elementor
00:47:32 Enable a Maintenance Mode Page

Elementor Pro
00:47:54 Create Our First Page With Elementor Pro
00:48:40 Overview of Elementor
00:49:31 The Structure of Elementor: Sections, Columns and Elements
00:51:05 Importing Templates
00:52:31 Importing Blocks
00:54:08 Create a Page From Scratch
00:55:11 Create and Configure a Section
00:56:21 Get Free Images
00:57:44 Optimize Images In WordPress
00:59:37 Configure the background in the section
01:00:19 Use a background overlay (and blend modes)
01:01:26 Add and Configure a Header
01:04:18 Use margin and padding to change the space between elements
01:06:44 Use Inner Sections and create buttons
01:09:30 Animate Elements
01:11:15 Bring Back Editing Handles in Elementor

Free Elementor Templates
01:11:59 Add External Elementor Templates
01:19:47 Tutorials about all the Elementor Elements

Elementor Pro and Blogposts
01:20:22 Create a blog post
01:23:07 How To Use The WordPress Editor
01:27:42 Add Images And Optimise Them For Google
01:36:09 Create a Blogpost Using Elementor

Creating The Blog Templates Using Elementor Pro
01:37:27 Create The Blog Page Template
01:45:14 Create The Single Post Template
01:46:38 Change The Example Blogpost
01:47:34 Create The Template From Scratch
01:52:01 Apply Conditional Logic to the Blogpost Template
01:56:10 Drag and Drop Elements from Templates
01:59:46 Change the H2 size
02:00:35 Add Custom CSS

Take Conditional Logic to the Next Level! Here is where the real fun starts πŸ™‚
02:01:45 Apply different settings to different categories

02:17:58 Add the Footer Template
02:25:47 Create a Portfolio
02:38:34 Add Widgets
02:40:27 Create the Contact Page
02:47:52 Restrict certain users so they can not mess things up πŸ™‚

Thank you for watching!


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