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How To Make a WordPress Website with a GoDaddy Domain Name – 2019

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Learn how to make a WordPress website with a GoDaddy domain name from scratch. Use the Astra theme to build over 30 free 1-click demos for any niche website in 2019. This is your year so let’s do this!

DEMO: https://surfriderschool.com/

Get domain at GoDaddy: https://bit.ly/1Lxfkfm
Get hosting at HostGator: https://bit.ly/2I2k5oC
Or; Get hosting at Bluehost: https://bit.ly/2MZOnaq
Checkout Astra: https://bit.ly/2AUxh9k
Try Constant Contact free: https://bit.ly/2WOMySp
Read our Web Hosting Reviews: https://bit.ly/2XdgFD6

–This WordPress tutorial is a paid partnership with HostGator.–

I’ve been with HostGator forever (nearly 10 years) and highly recommend them!

Free domain + hosting coupon: https://hostgator.com/greg

Bluehost: https://bit.ly/2TmN2NW (50% off and free domain)
SiteGround: https://bit.ly/2OZswEW (67% off and wp.org recommend)
A2: https://bit.ly/2MWgqJU (51% off and free SSL)
HostPapa: https://bit.ly/2MgplGy (51% off and free domain)
InMotion: https://bit.ly/2Z0dLBg (37% off and ultra fast wordpress)
WPEngine: https://bit.ly/2YGufDc (Genesis Framework and free CDN)


Get Started Setting up WordPress

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:42 About the demo site
00:01:36 Becoming a web designer with Astra Theme
00:03:09 What will we make?
00:04:45 Get a domain name
00:12:19 Just 3 steps to make a GoDaddy website
00:16:01 Get web hosting at HostGator (recommended)
00:22:09 Enter “BigBonus” coupon code for up to 62% off

Coming July 9th: Free Domains with Hosting at HostGator.com. Valid on Shared, Cloud and WordPress hosting packages of 12 months or longer and select domains. One domain per purchase. Update from Greg – it’s active now!

– If you register hosting see a different “Welcome to the Hostgator Screen” it’s because they’ve updated everything! (sigh) The steps to install WP are go to your Inbox, open HostGator.com :: Your Account Info email, click Your Control Panel Link, use username and password in that email, now you are in the cPanel, click Build a New WordPress Site under Popular Links, and proceed! 🙂

00:25:07 Install WordPress
00:27:34 Connect domain to hosting (with nameservers)
00:30:41 Login to WordPress
00:32:52 Dashboard tour + Make our websites the same
00:33:06 Remove coming soon page
00:34:20 Change password
00:34:59 What are plugins?
00:36:26 Change theme to Astra
00:38:20 Install Astra starter sites
00:41:24 Download website blueprint (https://bit.ly/2GAzVFn)


00:42:25 Logo
00:48:00 Video background
00:52:11 Header text
00:55:15 Quote
00:56:06 Featured boxes
00:58:07 Free HD images
01:00:07 Parallax image
01:01:40 Masonry images
01:05:34 Crop images
01:07:35 Email form
01:11:36 Add custom CSS

To create the subpages of our GoDaddy wordpress website we use mainly skills from the homepage. HOWEVER each page teaches you a little “trick” which I’ve linked you to 🙂

About page – 01:15:46
01:18:12 Import content from one page to another
01:22:01 Change permalinks

Services/Courses page – 01:22:39
01:31:26 – Make images appear in lightbox popout

Projects – 01:35:43
01:37:58 – Get images of you/your business giving back

Blog – 01:41:55
01:42:40 Revert back to classic blog layout
01:44:20 Change excerpt text

Contact – 1:45:54
01:46:16 Add fields to the contact form

Bonus Features (just because I love you guys)
01:52:54 Create a custom @ email address + sync it with gmail

Footer – 1:59:35
02:02:02 Google map
02:04:09 Social icons plugin
02:06:14 Add a YouTube video
02:07:56 Copyright info

Bonus Features #2
02:09:00 Setup Constant Contact Email Newsletter (This is a longer step but I HIGHLY encourage it. Learn how to setup a list, add an autoresponder email that sends to new subscribers, and connect the form to WordPress. This ramps up your brands reputation big time.)

Bonus Features #3
02:27:48 SSL

2:33:02 Last little things, subscribe images, favicon

2:39:27 Congratulations! You are done! Go enjoy your website 🙂

Bottom of the description club – thank you guys for taking the super hard step to start a website and put yourself out there. You will have haters. That’s obv a good thing. People are jealous of what they don’t understand or want for themselves. I’m here for support always. WordPress has amazing communities too. Remember to enjoy yourself and always keep grinding! 🙂

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