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How to Make a WordPress Website – 2019 – FOR BEGINNERS

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Easy. Fast. and Professional. This is the best step by step tutorial to learn how to make a wordpress website for free 2019 for beginners.
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In this step by step tutorial on how to make a wordpress website, I will show you how to setup your website and make your own website. You don’t need to know any programming or coding, this wordpress website tutorial is for beginners and we will walk you through every step to make your website with wordpress.

This website is a complete wordpress tutorial for beginners and for free on how to make a website step by step for beginners. You need hosting and a domain but really this video will teach you how to build a website for free. So if you’re looking to make a wordpress website and you don’t know where to start, watch this step by step video! You dont need any sort of experience or anything to create your own website!

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Text tutorial to learn how to make a wordpress website for free 2019

3:33 – Step 1: Hostgator Hosting + Domain
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10:34 – Step 2: Install WordPress

16:51 – Step 3: Install Theme

19:08 – Step 4: Install Plugins
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25:38 – Step 5: Download Demo Content

28:26 – Step 6: Create WordPress Website Homepage

29:13 – Step 7: WordPress Website Settings

35:49 – Step 8: Customize WordPress Website Homepage

1:00:30 – Step 9: Create About Page for WordPress Website

1:14:58 – Step 10: Build Portfolio Page With WordPress

1:19:05 – Step 11: Make Contact Page In WordPress

1:25:25 – Step 12: Create Header and Footer Menus

This video tutorial shows you ever single step you need in order to build a website with wordpress. If you want to create a website in wordpress, this new video we created is just for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, this step by step wordpress website tutorial for beginners will show you how to create a wordpress website from scratch. Everything is really easy and you can customize your wordpress website however you want. So if you want to build a professional wordpress website or just want to learn how to make a wordpress website from scratch, watch this step by step video for beginners (an experts!). You have nothing to lose, it’s 2019 and this tutorial shows you how to make everything on your own for free.

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