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How to add an HTML page to WordPress – And Get Free LeadPage HTML Templates

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Access Your Site’s Root Folder Through cPanel

You can do this via FTP if you are more comfortable that way.

First, log into your cPanel account.

Then, open the file manager and navigate to your website’s root which is usually in the public_html folder.

This is the place where you will upload your HTML files. However, if you like, you can create a separate folder for your HTML files. The biggest difference is you’ll keep your site more organized if you put the HTML files in a subfolder.

And the URL to access the pages will change if you use a separate folder.

If the files are in the root then you’ll access them like this:


If you put the files in a subfolder you’ll access them like this:


Pick the one that works better for you. Or you can do it both ways, that’s allowed too.

Now let’s create a basic HTML page.

Create Your HTML Page

In your File Manager click on +File and name your HTML page. After that, click on ‘Create New File’ and move on to the next step.

Access And Edit Your HTML Page

Find your created HTML page and click it to highlight it and then click on Code Editor.

When the Code Editor opens you can type in anything you want. Don’t worry about proper HTML Structure (YouTube tutorial) at this point. In this example I wrote Hello World in the file and Saved it.

Read the rest on the blog: https://wplearninglab.com/add-html-page-to-wordpress/

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