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Create a One Page Website on WordPress – Monday Masterclass

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In this Monday Masterclass, we go over how to use Elementor’s Hello Theme & Theme Builder to create a one page website.

The website will come included with a nav menu in the header, as well as a footer.

We will learn to:
✓ Create the page itself, with the content divided into sections
✓ Build a menu that will allow visitors skip ahead to the relevant sections
✓ Publish a header that will include our menu.
✓ Publish a footer as well.

Our example client has commissioned us to build a website for his yacht rental service, Yachtora.

Our content will include the following sections:
Top (Home)
About Us
Photo Gallery
Contact Us

Read the full post: https://elementor.com/blog/build-one-page-website/
Get Elementor FREE: https://elementor.com/
Get Elementor Pro: https://elementor.com/pro/
Get Hello Theme FREE: https://wordpress.org/themes/hello-elementor/


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