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Astra vs OceanWP | What Is The Best WordPress Theme

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In this in depth video comparison I talk about the benefits of both themes. First I talk about the free versions, which are in my opinion the best 2 free themes for WordPress. After that I will talk about the premium features of both themes. In the end I will talk about the pricing of the premium packages.

If you want to use a free theme for WordPress, Astra and OceanWP are the way to go!

Here are some timestamps:
00:00:17 Comparison between the free versions of Astra and OceanwP
00:06:07 Overview of Astra Pro
00:07:50 Overview of the Astra Mini Agency
00:08:16 Overview of the Astra Agency
00:08:39 Overview of the OceanWP Extension Bundle
00:09:42 Pricing


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